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Bathroom Remodel

clean bathroom with wood cabinets

Every single home needs to have a bathroom. They are easily one of the most essential parts of any property and a space that you will use more than once, each day. But in our opinion, it isn’t enough to settle for any old bathroom. Instead, you should have a clean, comfortable, stylish space, that helps you to feel your best at the start and end of each day. You need attractive cabinets, functional appliances, and above all else, the means to enjoy get a pleasant experience out of every visit to the bathroom. So, if your bathroom doesn’t quite live up to the standards that you would hope for it, you should seriously be considering what we might be able to do for you through our elite bathroom remodeling services. At Home Remodeling Wilmington, we are specialists in modern, aesthetic bathrooms and we can promise you everything that you could possibly imagine for yours.

Whole Bathroom Remodel 

If you simply aren’t happy with the way your bathroom is right now, our whole bathroom remodeling service will no doubt be to your liking. Our team can transform any old disheveled bathroom and turn it into something that truly makes you satisfied. From the sink to the shower, your flooring to your ceilings, we can work on every single element and deliver you the levels of quality that you want. All you have to do is let us know the things that are important to you and we would be glad to deliver them in one custom, premium bathroom design.

Shower Renovations 

Your shower is easily the most important element of your entire bathroom and one which you should be able to enjoy every morning and evening. So, for many, a shower renovation can completely transform their bathrooms for the better. And, if you are the same, you’ll be pleased to know that we have a plethora of shower options to offer. From simple installations to luxury wet room designs, however, you see your perfect shower being can be delivered by us.

Premium Tiling

The one place where tiling can always find a place is in a bathroom. Always stylish and appealing, tiling installations are also highly functional in damp bathroom spaces. They can help you to protect your bathroom and feel proud to be in it, time and time again. All it takes is finding capable, creative professionals, who know how to get the most from tiles. Fortunately, when you decide to trust in our team, you can expect nothing less.

Cabinets and Appliances 

Of course, no bathroom can be complete without the various other necessary appliances and cabinets. These things finish a bathroom with all of the style and capability that is necessary. So, you will want to pay just as much attention to these as any other part of your bathroom. Luckily, with us, that will never be a problem. We have endless premium options to provide to you, whether you are looking for a luxe porcelain bathtub or handcrafted pine cabinets.

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